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As an influencer marketing agency, we’re at the forefront of one of the fastest-growing online customer-acquisition channels of all time. This makes us a fast paced and dynamic team who are always looking for the next big opportunity. Being experts in the field of influencer marketing means that as an influencer marketing agency we have access to not only some of the biggest, but a whole load of up-and-coming influencers globally.

We’re not just pretty faces! We work with brands on a strategic level to help shape their tactical activity to meet your business goals. If you’ve not spoken to an influencer marketing agency before, you need to set aside any doubt, as influencer marketing truly is the key to any e-commerce brand’s success in the digital age, and influencer sales are only set to soar within the next five years.

What sets us apart

Our influencer marketing agency is different as we truly represent both sides. Realistically, this works out best for both the brand and the influencer, which is why we keep so many of our clients happy. It’s a fine balance, but we truly feel that in looking out for the best interests of both parties, everyone is more successful, and that’s what sets us apart from other influencer marketing agencies.

We could spin you a yarn about being here solely for your business, but we’ve learnt a lot along the way and one of our biggest learnings is that the influencer/brand relationship is what is truly important. Opening up your brand to any influencer on the internet would be a BIG mistake. We really take the time to ensure we pair your brand with the right influencer and get as much return on investment as a result. We are driven by results, and this is the secret to our success as an influencer marketing agency.
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Here's some interesting stats

49% of consumers depend on influencer marketing 49% of consumers depend on influencer marketing
70% of Teens Trust Influencers More than Traditional Celebrities 70% of teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities
86% of Women Use Social Media for Purchasing Advice 86% of women use social media for purchasing advice

Using an influencer marketing agency is a really useful way of getting your products out there to millions of potential customers matched to your brand. As an influencer marketing agency that’s dedicated to ensuring the right influencer/brand match, we’re best placed to ensure your brand is introduced to the right people at the right time. 22% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is the most cost effective marketing channel they use. The numbers speak for themselves, and we’re committed to delivering powerful strategies and in turn, big results, by growing your customer base exponentially.

Just think about how much time is spent on social media these days. Influencer marketing really is a no brainer.

How can influencer marketing help your business

If the above stats aren’t enough to convince you of why you should be considering reaching out to us as an influencer marketing agency, perhaps our portfolio can tempt you in. Influencer marketing isn’t just about selling fast fashion and make-up - although it does work fantastically well for that! - it’s actually applicable to many industries. We have influencer talent on our books that range in content direction from tech and app industries, hotels and restaurants.

Within that, we can drill down even further in demographics to meet your perfect match. With our vast network, and as an influencer marketing agency, we do all the hard work in finding the right influencers for your brand, and can help you shape your strategy to deliver results aligned to your marketing strategy. We’re here to deliver big results whatever your brands’ sales objectives, so be sure to consider adding an influencer marketing agency into your marketing mix to ensure digital success.
  • Having already been impressed with Fat Cow Media's work on our other website, I had no hesitation in working with them again.

    Henry Procter, PY Commodities

  • I have to say that Fat Cow Media are the fastest, most obliging, flexible and creative company I have ever had the pleasure of working with!

    William Broome, Crowdfinders

  • Since working with the team at Fat Cow Media we have seen a significant uplift in revenue achieved from inbound enquiries thanks to their SEO work.

    Chris Rudd, IW Inventa

  • Their work ethic was superb and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for impressive web design. in fact, I already have.

    Firoz Noordeen, London School of Economics

  • Creative excellence and slick functionality – all delivered before the deadline, with minimal onus on us. Great work and will be sure to use your services again.

    Tatiana Withanage, 42 Bruton

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