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SEO for Startups

Search engine optimisation, otherwise known as SEO is complex for any business and website. But SEO for startups presents a particular set of challenges that requires a good deal of experience and expertise to navigate.

Why is SEO so important for startups?

The best source of visitors to any site is through organic search. When someone finds a website through a search engine, they’ve already shown intent by asking a question relevant to the content you have on your site.

You can look at organic traffic as “warm” leads. We’re sure you’ll agree, it’s very important to any business to have warm leads coming through the doors.

In short, SEO is the practice of creating a well-optimised site that performs well, delivers useful, engaging, and well-formatted content, and most importantly helps the end user.

However, simply creating a nice-looking site and waiting for visitors to come isn’t going to work. You need a deep understanding of how search algorithms work, and what they’re looking for on each individual page on your site.

SEO isn’t something many business owners handle in-house. Here at Fat Cow Media we have a team of SEO experts with their fingers on the pulse of what’s working right now.

Why SEO for startups requires particular expertise

As a startup, you don’t have the online “authority” yet to compete with other businesses in your space for your target keywords. Also, people aren’t searching for your brand, because you’re new.

Therefore, you can’t just follow the standard SEO practices of creating content and competing with the field.

We formulate a strategic on-page and off-page plan that helps bypass both of these issues. By both increasing your site and brand online authority and helping you produce content with stronger on-page SEO than your competitors.

It’s also a fast-moving, ever-changing game of cat and mouse. Google makes small tweaks to their algorithm almost daily, so it’s a challenge staying ahead of the curve when it comes to SEO best practices.

Leveraging our expertise is not just a cost-effective way to get the most out of your site’s SEO, it’s the most effective way to improve your site’s SEO and bring more organic visitors through the door.
seo for startups
Need a new website, a technical SEO overhaul? Our experienced web designers will ensure it suits your users and search engines.
Web Design for Startups
SEO Copywriting Services
Our specialist SEO copywriters can craft captivating content for your website and campaigns, attracting your audience and improving rankings.
SEO Copywriting Services
Content marketing
Tactical content marketing is a great way to build brand visibility, support your SEO strategy and build your reputation as an industry leader too!
Content Marketing

How we can help you get ahead of the competition

The areas we focus on when working with startups to help them make an impact on the search results include:
Targeted outreach campaigns to attract quality, industry-relevant links
Detailed keyword research, finding longtail keywords missed by competitors
SEO rich copywriting and content
Content marketing strategies to promote your content to a wider audience
Tweaks to your site’s design to increase user experience

We also understand how daunting SEO is if it’s new to you. Which is why you can contact us at any time, we’re happy to answer any questions you have. You’ll also get monthly reports detailing all the results we’ve achieved, and where you’re making those all-important gains in the search results.

Here's some of the ways we can improve your SEO and gain a competitive edge over your competitors

Optimising your content

Whether you have existing content on your website or you want us to write it from scratch, we have the technical knowledge and copywriting skills to optimise your content for both search engines and people.

Technical meta details

There are technical aspects, both on-page and at site-level that make a huge difference to a site’s SEO. We will make sure your site has the correct meta-data, header tags, meta descriptions, image alt texts, and all the other technical elements fully optimised.

Competitors analysis

It’s important to know where you compare next to your competitors on a digital level. We will perform a full competitor analysis and audit their sites where necessary.

UX and page speed

Recent years have seen more SEO benefits for sites that are easy to navigate, fast to load on mobile, and quick to provide the information a visitor is looking for. We will help you achieve this by optimising your current website and make sure it's performing in the best possible way.

Brand awareness

As a new business, we’re sure you’re aware that building your brand is just as important as raising awareness for your products and services. We have experience with building brand recognition online.

Google My Business

Registering your business with Google My Business and optimising your account is vital to achieving maximum exposure for your business in the search results. We will set up your My Business profile, and optimise your profile to appear as a recommended business for local searches.


Inbound signals from other websites are the other half of the puzzle. We have various strategies we’ve developed in-house to perform personalised outreach at scale to cast a large net and find guest posting opportunities with other authoritative sites. Strategically connecting with other businesses and influencers in your industry is good for both offline relationships and SEO.

Social signals

We can also set up social profiles for your business or optimize your existing profiles. Properly linking your profiles to your website to pass the authority from social signals being generated across various social media platforms. While SEO focuses on organic traffic finding you through search engines, optimising social media platforms and usage is also a good way to develop multiple traffic streams.

Google tools

Google provides a number of tools designed to help webmasters improve their SEO. We will connect your site to the Search Console. These tools provide greater insights into what’s really happening behind the scenes in the search results. We can give you an overview into these results and how we can improve them.
  • We are seriously impressed with their professionalism and the speed in which they have gained us this online visibility in just six months. Amazing work and we can’t recommend them highly enough.

    Caroline Leach, Caroline Victoria London

  • All our staff love the new site. They've made lots of comments about how they're proud of the company website for the first time!

    Sam Nimmo, Kittle Group

  • Fat Cow Media works with you and guides you every step of the way to make sure your website exceeds expectations.

    Mary Medrana, Bubbleology

  • Their work ethic was superb and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for impressive web design. in fact, I already have.

    Firoz Noordeen, London School of Economics

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